World AIDS Day


Every year on 1 December people around the world come together to mark World AIDS Day.

It’s a day that is internationally recognised to help increase awareness of HIV, challenge stigma, raise money and improve education. Many people also use the day to remember those who have died of AIDS.

The first World AIDS Day was held in 1988 and it was the first ever global health day.

In Scotland, advances in medication mean that HIV is now a manageable long-term condition and, fortunately, very few people are now diagnosed with AIDS. Our focus on World AIDS Day reflects this.

We are part of a Scottish Action Group bringing together charities and NHS boards to coordinate campaigning on World AIDS Day. Since 2014 we have been encouraging people to know the facts about HIV and asking #WhatWillYouDo on social media? The hashtag aims to encourage people to take some action around World AIDS Day, whether that is raising awareness, fundraising or attending an event.

More information on World AIDS Day in Scotland can be found at