25 Years of Waverley Care & the Pleasance

Pleasance 25th Website

At the start of August 1992, Linford Christie was winning Olympic Gold, Snap’s ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ topped the charts and a young Waverley Care teamed up with an up-and-coming Edinburgh Fringe venue.

Fast forward to 2016 and we’re busy gearing up for the 25th year of a unique relationship with what has become the Fringe’s biggest venue, the Pleasance.

Over the years our bucket shakers and the Tartan Ribbon have become a common sight as audiences flock to the Pleasance Courtyard. In 2015 alone, our volunteers clocked in an impressive 1,400 hours at the venue.

Between bucket shakers, benefit shows and the annual flagship Tartan Ribbon Comedy Benefit, the relationship has raised more than £375,000 to support Waverley Care. That money has helped us to reduce new HIV and Hepatitis C infections, increase the number of people getting tested and provide much needed support to people living with the conditions across Scotland.

Over and above the money, our relationship with the Pleasance has helped to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that continues to be attached to HIV and Hepatitis C.

To mark our 25th Fringe together, we’re inviting people to get in on the act to help make 2016 our most successful year yet. We have plenty of volunteering opportunities for people to shake a bucket to collect donations.

You can also support us by heading along to some of the shows at the Pleasance this August. On Tuesday 16th, our Tartan Ribbon Comedy Benefit returns for another top night of comedy and throughout the Fringe we’ll be benefitting from text donations at Eurobeat, the irreverent, sequin-soaked tribute to Eurovision.

Whether you’re heading along to the Pleasance to catch a show, or just to soak up the atmosphere, be sure to come and say hello to our volunteers, and please donate if you can.