Jo Sykes

Organisation: Brook Highland

Jo Brooks works for Brook Highland based in Inverness and is an Advanced Education & Training Practitioner / Wellbeing Support Worker.

What is your role at Brook Highland?

My role as an Education & Training Practitioner is currently to co-ordinate the delivery of two education programmes, ‘All Different All Beautiful’ – a programme aimed at small groups of particularly vulnerable young people, focusing on sexual health, prejudice, stereotyping and self-esteem & confidence issues – and BiteSize, a programme for up to 100 young people (primarily delivered within schools) looking at various aspects of sexual health and relationships.

I am also a Wellbeing Support Worker for Brook and deliver a one-2-one mentoring programme called ‘My Life’ to young people as well as working within our clinics providing STI and pregnancy testing, information and advice.

How long have you been in the role?

I have worked for Brook for nearly 3 years, having been an E&T Practitioner for just over 2.

How do you work alongside Waverley Care? 

Brook has a close working relationship with Waverley Care in Highland and 3 Waverley Care staff are trained as part of our BiteSize delivery team. This is fantastic for all involved as not only are both agencies getting vital information to large groups of young people, but the young people are also getting to know staff and starting to break down barriers to accessing both services in one event. We have also run this programme as professional training in partnership.

What stands out to you about Waverley Care & our work?

How dedicated the team are and how much they care about the work they do – it is fantastic to work with professionals who are really interested in their field of work and keen to get involved in events and partnership working.

What would you say to someone thinking of getting in touch to access our services?

Do it – everyone who works for Waverley is helpful, kind, approachable and they normally have tea and biscuits too!

Any favourite  or funny or amusing memories linked to events or meetings with Waverley Care?

Both Brook & Waverley Care being sexual health services, we often both try to get the same freebies for events such as Freshers’ Fayres – I don’t know how you guys do it but you always better us! We definitely need to borrow your Highland volunteer who makes amazing bracelets and chocolates for events…

Tell us a bit about you…..

I am a Cornish maid lost in Scotland but thankful for the opportunities that have arisen for me up here in Highland. I love working in sexual health as no two days are the same and am especially passionate about SRE available for young people.

What do you love doing out of work?

Being on a beach!

Who inspires you?

Anyone who is kind, thoughtful and helpful towards others.