Trish Tougher

Organisation: NHS Lanarkshire

Organisation: NHS Lanarkshire

Trish works for NHS Lanarkshire and is their Blood Borne Virus Networks Manager.

What is your role at NHS Lanarkshire?
I have operational responsibility for the board’s HIV and Hepatitis C work from prevention and testing through to treatment and care.

How long have you been in the role?
I started on World AIDS Day (1st December) 2008.

How do you work alongside Waverley Care?
I work with the African Health Project and most specifically Nathan Mwesigwa in Lanarkshire.  We commission Waverley Care to provide the HIV prevention and support work with African communities and have done since 2009.  We also work alongside Waverley Care’s Self Management Programme focusing on people living with Hepatitis C.

What stands out to you about Waverley Care & our work?
The dedication and commitment to HIV and Hepatitis C and the quality of interactions I have with staff from the charity. There is also a real quality to the work that those individuals do and a real commitment to the people who are being supported.

What would you say to someone thinking of using our services?
I would be very encouraging, reassuring them that they would be met by people who have an absolute understanding of what they need. They have expertise built up over many years working alongside people living with HIV and Hepatitis C.

Any favourite memories linked to events or meetings with Waverley Care?
The World AIDS Day Service in Glasgow at St Mary’s Cathedral in 2013.  I took my two older children to it and was met with the unique and wonderful Mariegold and others from Waverley Care.  The event gave the girls a clear idea of the work that the charity does and a real insight into the cause.

Tell us a bit about you….. What do you love doing out of work?
What I love to do and I what I get time to do are two different things. I have three children and they’re at an age when I spend a lot of time as a taxi driver.  I’ve started cycling recently though and really enjoy that.

Who inspires you?
My mother has been a huge influence in my life.  From a work point of view though I was living in Hong Kong in 1993/4 and I worked with a Scottish nun – Sister Maureen McGinley.  We set up the AIDS memorial quilt project in Hong Kong.  She has been a real inspiration and had a significant influence on my life.  There have been lots of people I’ve come across in my working life who inspire me and at the moment I work with people who inspire me on a daily basis.