Staff Consultation Day

Waverley Care staff from across Scotland met at the Hidden Gardens in Glasgow last week, to connect and explore ideas for research.

The event, held by our recently funded Research and Engagement team, is part of ongoing consultation work aimed at setting research goals for the organisation.

With 13 staff in attendance from across Waverley Care’s services, the event provided our Research and Engagement team with lots of great ideas and information to consider moving forward. It also formed the first part of two staff consultation events – the second of which will take place in October, consulting with our Highland staff to ensure the voices of those in remote and rural areas are heard.

The Research and Engagement team is made up of Ruth McKenna (Research and Engagement Manager) and Jennifer Goff (Communications and Engagement Officer), as the newest additions to Waverley Care’s national work. The team focus will be on engaging with populations in Scotland that are disproportionately affected by HIV and hepatitis C, including gay and bisexual men, Scotland’s African communities, and people who inject drugs. They will also be looking at ways to involve young people living with HIV in their research and engagement work.

Through bringing together staff to hear their views and expertise, the team hopes to generate knowledge that can be used to develop targeted services, promote testing and support, challenge stigma, and influence policy work on sexual health and blood borne viruses. Along with our support services, the team’s work will contribute to improving the lives of people living with or affected by HIV or hepatitis C.

For more information about Waverley Care’s research and engagement work, contact one of the team: or