Telling Other People

Telling someone you’re living with HIV or Hepatitis C can be daunting. It might be a partner you’ve been with for years or a new one, someone at work or your best friend, your parents or one of your children. Whoever it is, knowing what to say, when, where and how to say it – or indeed whether to say anything at all – can be confusing. Sometimes a person’s status is disclosed without that person’s consent, which can be extremely upsetting. No one should be told your HIV or Hepatitis C status without having your permission first.

At Waverley Care, we can help you think about how to disclose your HIV or Hepatitis C status. In fact, how to tell other people is one of the most common issues that people come to us for and we have the experience to help you navigate these difficult situations.

You can meet with a member of staff for one-to-one support, find out about your legal rights and responsibilities, come to a workshop or meet with someone else who is living with HIV or Hepatitis C. Some people even like to practice what they are going to say. We will never tell you what to do, but will listen and help you work out what feels right for you, as well as share our experiences in helping others who have been in similar situations.

If you’re not sure which service to contact, please get in touch with your nearest office.

Services that can support you with Telling Other People