Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are used for many reasons, sometimes to cope with life’s daily challenges.

If you’re living with HIV, Hepatitis C, or are co-infected with both, you might want to think about how often and how much you use these substances. You may also want to consider the overall effects alcohol and drugs have on your health, quality of life and ability to make good decisions.

Looking at your relationship with drugs and alcohol is particularly important if you’re living with HIV or Hepatitis C, because both can damage your liver. And a healthy liver is important to living well with HIV and Hepatitis C.

Whether you are living with, or affected by HIV or Hepatitis C, there are many ways to change your relationship to alcohol and other drugs, and no single approach works for everyone. At Waverley Care we can make sure that you get good information about drug and alcohol use and we can support you to live well and make healthier choices. We can also help you to move away from using drugs and alcohol as a way of coping, or we can help you manage your dependency in as healthy a way as possible.

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Services that can support you with Drug & Alcohol use.