Work is good for our health and wellbeing. It can include paid jobs or voluntary roles, and may involve studying for a qualification. It provides us with a sense of identity and achievement from doing something meaningful, and, if the work is paid, financial resources.

If you are living with HIV or Hepatitis C, you may be planning to return to work or study after a break of many years. Or you may have been recently diagnosed and have concerns about starting treatment and how this might impact your work.

At Waverley Care, we can help you move towards achieving your goals and addressing your concerns.

You might want to understand the impact that studying might have on your benefits, need help creating a CV or want advice about overcoming discrimination at work. The UK’s Equality Act 2010 is important legislation that gives people living with HIV or Hepatitis C greater legal protections from workplace discrimination than were previously available.

At Waverley Care, we also run disclosure workshops to help you choose whether or not to disclose your status to an employer and explore when and how you might do it.

We can support you wherever you are on your journey to employment – from confidence-building to helping you gain work experience to providing tips on interviewing for a job.

If you’re not sure which service to contact, please get in touch with your nearest office.

Services that support you with Employability