Difficulties with money can negatively affect our mental and physical heath. For example, some people living with HIV or Hepatitis C may find it difficult to secure or maintain full-time employment or manage budgets or pay bills. Mounting debt or threat of eviction may leave you feeling depressed or physically unwell.

At Waverley Care we can help you work through the options for managing your finances.  We’re available to discuss your financial concerns, help you explore possible solutions and are keen to support you through the decision-making process. We can help with financial budgeting, look at what additional benefits you may be entitled to (even if you’re currently employed) and can help you with the application process to access those benefits.

Being in control of your finances can lead to peace of mind and significant improvements in your mental and physical health.

If you’re not sure which service to contact, please get in touch with your nearest office.

Services that can support you with Money