John Armes

Why did you choose to join Waverley Care’s board?

Many years ago, the Christian churches helped to set up Waverley Care. In those days, many living with HIV and suffering from AIDS were treated with prejudice and suspicion. Perhaps we live in changed times in terms of the treatments available to those living with blood-borne viruses, but people often still live with stigma and discrimination. I was therefore delighted to be invited to join the Board and to lend my support to an organisation committed to a truly inclusive Scotland where all have access to the health and social care that will allow them to flourish.

Tell us about your life outside Waverley Care.

I am the current Bishop of Edinburgh in the Scottish Episcopal Church a job which ranges widely over a diocese stretching from the Forth to the English border. Previously Rector of St John’s on Princes Street, Edinburgh, I was elected Bishop in 2012 and joined the Board of Waverley Care later that year.

What do you enjoy most about working with Waverley Care?

I am pleased to be part of an organisation so committed to others’ well-being. As a Board member I am always excited to support an excellent Senior Management team and to work alongside energetic and able Board members. At a recent strategy day I realised that I was by some years the oldest person in the room. Not a common experience for a Christian minister! I suspect I get far more from Waverley Care than it gets from me. But, my diary allowing, I’m delighted to do what I can.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love walking in the countryside and going to the cinema – low brow, mainly! Most of my relaxation, however, involves people. Being with friends and family (three grandchildren so far) helps to keep me happy, healthy and grounded.

Who inspires you and why?

You probably won’t be surprised that the main inspiration in my life is Jesus of Nazareth. He encouraged us to love God and to love our neighbour. And he showed us that we come closest to God through the suffering of others. Whilst Waverley Care has no faith agenda, I am inspired by its work and by the people it works amongst – this is love in action and, for me, it is where God is to be found.

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