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Mhairi McKean

Health Improvement Manager

Office: 0141-332-2520 | Mobile: 07732-800786

Why did you choose to work for Waverley Care?

I chose to work with Waverley Care because I am passionate about the work Waverley Care do and was aware of how ethical and supportive they are as an organisation.

Tell us about life before Waverley Care.

I have been involved in community work for many, many years in both a voluntary and paid capacity. My main focus has always been social justice and gender based violence and I have had the privilege of working in some amazing jobs over the years - and meeting the most inspirational people.

What do you most enjoy about working with Waverley Care?

I love that the organisation is service user focused and is always looking at ways to have people’s voices heard and inform future policy and practice. I have never worked with an organisation that is as supportive as Waverley Care – it really is an absolute pleasure to go to work – not just because of the job which I love, but because of the amazing colleagues and the ongoing support you receive from colleagues and managers alike.

What do you do in your spare time?

I absolutely love music, dance, musicals and legal/detective films or dramas – with the original ‘12 Angry Men’ (Henry Fonda) and ‘In the Heat of the Night’ (Sydney Poitier) being 2 of my all-time favourite films, and groundbreaking for their time. I also love ‘Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café’, ‘Thelma and Louise’ and, dare I say it, the ‘Sound of Music’. I also love to laugh and my favourite comedians at the moment are Kevin Bridges, Romesh Raganathan, Frankie Boyle (although he does go a bit too far for me sometimes ☹) – and not forgetting Billy Connolly. I am a keen animal and human rights advocate and try to be involved in advocacy, activism and awareness raising as much as I can. I have been vegetarian, then vegan, for over 30 years for political and animal/human rights reasons. Lastly, I am very close to my family but the love of my life is definitely my wee dog Bonnie (oh and my partner of 23 years of-course ☺). Bonnie makes me smile every day, as have all the dogs in our family over the years – she really is an absolute joy, although steals all the quilt through the night!

Who inspires you?

I am genuinely inspired by people I meet every day – some of the people I have worked with over the years have been through so much trauma but still continue to have compassion and empathy for others – and I have been fortunate to learn so much from them. However my mum will always be my main inspiration – she is an incredibly strong (and funny) woman, and I love her dearly.

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