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Rachel Hughes

Head of Corporate Services

Office: 01463 711 585 | Mobile: 07860 703579

Why did you choose to work for Waverley Care?

I didn’t know a lot about Waverley Care before I applied for the job. At the time, Waverley Care had only been delivering services in Highland for a short time. But I believed in the work and I was excited to be part of an organisation at the heart of blood borne virus support in Scotland. It was also clear that there was huge scope for development locally, with opportunities to expand our services into remote and rural communities and help to reduce health inequalities, which I am very passionate about.

What do you most enjoy about working with Waverley Care?

For me, the most enjoyable part of working for Waverley Care is the time I spend with the people in the organisation. I can’t speak highly enough of our staff team. We have a huge amount of expertise across the organisation but I think what sets us apart is our approach – staff care deeply about their work and are committed to supporting our service users to the very best of their ability. I enjoy meeting with our service users and learning from our communities to ensure we deliver services that people really need.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy yoga – I don’t always find it that easy to relax but yoga works for me! I try to go to a class a couple of times a week and also practice at home. I have a german wire-haired pointer called Skye so spend most of my weekends walking her around the forests of the Highlands.

Who inspires you?

I find this such a difficult question! Ultimately, I’m inspired by people who have experienced adversity and show resilience in the face of it. Resilience can be shown in small ways, it doesn’t have to be anything ‘big’ – just keeping going in the face of difficult circumstances or experiences is extremely inspiring. I see that everyday in my work and I’m always impressed and awed by how strong people can be. I take a lot from that and try to apply it to my own life where I can.

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