Jennifer Goff

Communications and Engagement Officer

Office: 0141 332 2529 • Mobile: 078 6070 3581

Why did you choose to work for Waverley Care?

I first began working with Waverley Care supporting people living with Hepatitis C in Argyll and Bute, because it was a role that combined the privilege of supporting people through their recovery with the chance to develop a new service in a remote and rural area. Through this role, I found a passion for creating accessible resources while finding new and creative ways to engage with people, leading me to my current role in communications and engagement.

Tell us about life before Waverley Care.

I moved to Scotland in 2012, with a view to completing my studies and returning to Ireland soon after. However, it wasn’t so simple! I fell in love with Scotland, and began working as a Research and Communications Officer with an Alcohol and Drug Partnership. Living in Scotland meant lots of opportunities to make a real difference challenging inequality, and 7 years on, Scotland is home now too.

What do you most enjoy about working with Waverley Care

I’m passionate about making sure the voices and needs of marginalised people are heard in research, policy, health services and wider society. This means my role at Waverley Care is a chance to help play a small part in an organisation that focusses on challenging inequality, fostering empathy and promoting empowerment.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I often travel home to visit family and friends in Ireland. When I’m in Scotland, I love to volunteer, read, do yoga and play tenor saxophone in a community band called Brass, Aye?.

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by communities worldwide, who work together to create equity and social change. Feminist activist, and former Irish President Mary Robinson, sums the this up best: “Human rights are inscribed in the hearts of people; they were there long before lawmakers drafted their first proclamation.”

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