Gillian Bruce

Gillian is co-chair of the Bohemians Lyric Opera Company who have been long-term supporters of Waverley Care.

When and why did the Bohemians first become involved with Waverley Care?
We started working together in pursuit of mutual benefit.  Waverley Care helped us with advice on marketing and promotion, in return for bucket shakes.  The relationship has continued to grown from there and is now around 20 years old.

What motivates the Bohemians to keep supporting Waverley Care?
We continue to support Waverley Care as we recognise the huge amount of work and support they give people throughout Edinburgh and now throughout Scotland.  A lot of charities get a lot of press but we are a local company for local people and we are able to bring the name of Waverley Care to more people throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians.

We’d love to know more about you… What is your favourite film?
I tend to stick to the typical girly rom-com type of films, scary or gory films are not for me!  My ultimate favourite film, that I cannot get bored of watching, is the Little Mermaid!  It’s such a colourful, happy and funny film and great to sing along to!  I saw the musical on Broadway in 2008 and have my fingers crossed The Bohemians will get the rights to perform it one day!

What is your favourite book?
I read depending on my mood.  Crime – especially Ian Rankin, chick lit, Harry Potter and especially autobiographies – I am nosey about famous peoples lives!  A book I have read a few times is The Island by Victoria Hislop.  It is about the leper colony on the small island of Spinalonga off the coast of Crete.  It is based on fact and is a very powerful story about people being rejected from society and how they learn to survive together, create a town and eventually are allowed to integrate back into society after a cure is discovered.  I have visited Spinalonga twice and it is a very moving place even now.

What is your favourite food and drink?
I have a obsession with my brother in law’s butternut squash risotto!  If he is not available to make it then I head to the Golf Tavern in Bruntsfield as they have it on their lunch menu!  I love a refreshing glass of diet coke during the day and, although I am not a big drinker,  I am sometimes partial to a sneaky vodka and diet coke or a strawberry and lime fruit cider on an evening out.

Who inspires you?
People inspire me every day, the resilience people show is awe inspiring.  Life is tough and I get inspiration from the strength that my friends and family demonstrate, or even strangers you read about in the papers. I am very close to my family and they have helped me a great deal throughout tumultuous university days!

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