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Smashing Stigma Since 1989

What does Waverley Care exist to do? To help make the world a kinder, fairer place for everyone - where your identity, health or background doesn't stop you from having a life full of meaning, opportunity and connection.

That world might sound like a pipe dream to some, but every single 9f2860d7-c2fa-4eee-bb53-38dd857e5e84 (1).pngperson at Waverley Care is working to make it a reality. 

In 1989, a group of people came together under the banner of Waverley
Care, for that very same purpose - to make Scotland a kinder, fairer place
for people living with HIV. 

They did this by going into communities, giving care, support and
connection to people who were otherwise stigmatised and isolated from
everyday life. 

They helped people feel seen and valued

They helped people feel hope.


And in 2022, how have things changed?

HIV treatment has changed, and we now work with hepatitis C and sexual health.

But what's really changed? Not so much - HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health stigma still thrives.

People living with HIV and hepatitis C still need our care and support to feel seen, valued and heard.

And when people feel seen, valued and heard, they can have hope. Hope for meaning, opportunity and connection. 

When people have hope, they have motivation. Our support helps people move from hope to reality, regardless of their identity, health or background. Our support empowers people to improve their health and wellbeing in a safe, non-judgemental environment while creating a kinder, fairer Scotland where those who have been at risk of HIV and hepatitis C feel able to get tested.

Your support means we can continue smashing stigma across Scotland. Your support means we can make the world a kinder, fairer place for people living with HIV and hepatitis C, while helping Scotland be truly positive about sexual health

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