African Health Project set to launch community HIV testing

The staff team at our African Health Project in Glasgow recently went through a day of training to deliver HIV testing.

The training, provided by the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Public Health Protection Unit, comes ahead of the launch next month of a new trial initiative that will offer free, confidential, community-based HIV testing to African communities across the city.

Building on the relationships the African Health Project has developed with African-led faith communities, country associations and community organisations, the testing service will be offered to groups in community settings. Groups will be able to sign up to participate and, prior to testing sessions, we will provide workshops on HIV awareness and prevention.

The service will offer Dry Blood Spot Testing – a simple test that involves taking a few small spots of blood from a finger prick which are placed on a card. The card is sent off to a laboratory and the results are available in three weeks.

Where tests return a positive result, we will provide practical and emotional support, and help people to access NHS services. Where a test is negative, we will provide information to help people avoid risk in future.

This testing project will not only help individuals access treatment and support earlier, improving their health and well-being, it will also contribute to reducing new infections.

If you are part of a community or faith group and would like to find out more about the project, you can contact the African Health Project in Glasgow on 0141 332 2520.