Community Ambassadors taking the lead

Our Chinese Health Project’s Health Ambassador team has produced a short film, raising awareness of hepatitis B.

The film, which was been written and filmed in Cantonese by the volunteers, aims to encourage Chinese people to access testing for the condition.

Hepatitis B can cause serious liver damage, including cirrhosis and cancer. Although it cannot be cured, it can be controlled with treatment, and a vaccine is available to people at risk. There are an estimated 9,000 people living with hepatitis B in Scotland, with Chinese communities up to seven times more likely to be affected than the general population.

Each of the scenes in the film aims to challenge a different misconception about hepatitis B, highlighting the disproportionate impact on Chinese communities, that symptoms are easy to miss, and that it can lead to serious health complications if not treated.

The Ambassadors highlight how easy it is to arrange a test with our Chinese Health Project worker, whether at home or in the community. This is an important option, as many people in the Chinese community are not necessarily confident about how to access NHS services.

Since launching in late 2017, the Lanarkshire Blood Borne Virus Network-funded Chinese Health Project has been working with local groups and businesses in Lanarkshire to raise awareness of hepatitis B and support people to access testing. We’re also working to widen access to broader health services for Chinese communities. The Health Ambassadors contribute to this work by leading information workshops with local groups.

The film complements information resources produced for the project, which are available in traditional and simplified Chinese, as well as English to make it as easy as possible for people to access information.

You can watch the film (with English subtitles) below…