Diana at Milestone – 25 years on

Twenty five years ago, in October 1991, we welcomed Diana, Princess of Wales to Edinburgh to officially open Milestone.

Diana was noted for her support for HIV awareness at the time, and her visit to Milestone showed the significance of the new service – the UK’s first purpose-built AIDS hospice.

The visit sent a positive message that contradicted the negative media reaction to HIV at the time. For the service users who were resident at the time her kindness demonstrated they were not being ignored while, for the wider public, it highlighted that people living with HIV mattered, and that the virus was something to face not fear.

Milestone will always hold a special place in the story of Waverley Care as the place where it all began, but the work of our residential support centre today is a world away from the Hospice that was so needed in the early 1990s.

In the intervening 25 years our understanding of HIV, and Hepatitis C, has moved on considerably. Today in Scotland someone living with HIV and on treatment can expect to live a long, healthy life while Hepatitis C can be cured.

Milestone has adapted to these changes and our focus is now very much on helping people living with HIV and Hepatitis C to live well and plan for the future. You can find out more about our work at Milestone here.