Eat Well Waste Less

At Waverley Care, we know that a healthy, balanced diet can make a huge difference to the health of people living with HIV or Hepatitis C.

Now, our Glasgow team is bidding to deliver a new project that will give people the confidence and skills to cook low cost, healthy meals while helping the environment by reducing food waste.

We’ve applied to the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund to create an ‘Eat Well, Waste Less’ project. Eat Well, Waste Less would deliver cookery workshops for service users, providing short, easy to follow recipes using fresh, affordable food. The project would also support people from different cultural backgrounds, particularly through our African Health Project, introducing them to Scottish ingredients, and giving them the confidence to try new foods.

The project would build on our existing partnership with Fare Share, a charity that collects and redistributes excess food from businesses like supermarkets, saving it from going to waste. Through Fare Share, we can collect a range of seasonal food, and pass it on to service users for free.

Alongside a focus on food, our project would look at other ways service users can save money and help the environment – for example through their energy bills and by recycling.

The project underlines the point that small changes can make a big difference to people’s lives – which ties into our work supporting people living with HIV or Hepatitis C to adopt healthy, active lifestyles.

We have already had a development grant from the Climate Challenge Fund to plan the project, and earlier this week we held a climate change awareness event in Glasgow. At the event we were able to update volunteers and service users on progress, and were joined by key organisations including Fare Share, Home Energy Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland and African Challenge.

We hope to hear back about our full application in the New Year, and hopefully we’ll then be able to start offering the workshops later in 2018.