Eswatini Kitchen – how fair trade supports HIV action

At the start of this week, our Glasgow office welcomed visitors from Eswatini Kitchen, a fair trade producer from Swaziland.

The organisation, which produces  gourmet food from local produce, provides employment for disadvantaged women and invests proceeds in youth care initiatives across Swaziland.

While the main purpose of the group’s visit to Scotland was to build links through the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, they met with us to discuss their work supporting communities affected by HIV.  The income generated by Eswatini Kitchen funds a variety of projects to support communities affected by HIV including clinics, outreach work and residential support.

During the group’s visit, we were able to talk about the work Waverley Care is doing through our African Health Project to support HIV awareness and prevention in Scotland’s African communities. Although the numbers are on a completely different scale (almost one in five people in Swaziland) challenges such as stigma and discrimination are evident in both countries.

We were happy for the opportunity to share our experiences with the group from Eswatini Kitchen and hope that this can feed back into their work supporting communities affected by HIV in Swaziland.