Forth Valley services officially launched

We were in Falkirk today to officially launch our new Forth Valley African Health Project.

The project, which we are delivering in partnership with NHS Forth Valley, aims to raise awareness of HIV and reduce transmission of the virus by working closely with African communities.

The need for the new services came in response to an assessment and report by NHS Forth Valley which identified improved engagement with African communities as a key theme of its HIV prevention strategy for the years ahead. This is an area where Waverley Care has a strong track record – our African Health Project has been delivering HIV prevention and support services to African communities in Scotland since 2004.

Speaking at the launch, Mildred Zimunya, Waverley Care’s Senior Manager for the African Health Project, said:

“We are delighted to be working in Forth Valley and over the coming weeks and months we’ll be reaching out to African communities across the region.

“African communities are disproportionately affected by HIV and this is compounded by the myths that surround the condition.  HIV stigma is a huge factor and we know that work in the community is the best way to challenge this.

“Through our outreach work, we will be promoting sexual health information and encouraging people to get tested. Testing can give people peace of mind and if a diagnosis of HIV is made, individuals can take control of their health.

“We also provide practical, emotional and physical support for people living with HIV.  With treatment, HIV is a manageable, long-term condition that allows people to live active, healthy lives.”

To find out about the specific services being provided in Forth Valley, and to get in touch, visit our service page for the region.

For more information on sexual health services provided by NHS Forth Valley, visit