Service user involvement

At Waverley Care we believe in placing service users at the heart of our organisation.  Doing this ensures that we are providing services that truly meet people’s needs and that we are delivering our services effectively.

Recent examples of service user involvement at Waverley Care include consulting on the review and improvement of services at Waverley Care Milestone (our residential support unit), and our response to the Scottish Government’s Blood Borne Virus Framework review.  Service user feedback was at the core of our submission.

We also regularly seek feedback from service users and if you have taken part in a course or workshop, or had a series of one-to-one sessions with a member of staff, we will encourage you to tell us what you think. Suggestion boxes are available in each of our offices for you to give us your feedback anonymously.

Service User Involvement Groups

We support independent service user involvement groups that are run by service users for service users. We currently have groups for service users in the Lothians and Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

Each group is led by a service user steering committee that meets regularly with Waverley Care’s Chief Executive, Grant Sugden. The steering committees discuss the needs and opinions of services users with Grant, alongside organising social and consultation events for the involvement groups. The committees also link with Waverley Care’s Board to ensure that service user voices are heard by all levels of the organisation.

The groups organises two to three events a year for services user to feedback to Waverley Care staff and make their voice heard alongside enjoying some social time together. Topics that the group have consulted on include welfare benefits and what activities and groups people would like to see provided by Waverley Care. The social events have included Burns’ suppers and BBQs.

The groups would love as many services users as possible to attend events or become part of the steering committees.

To get involved contact Robert Pollock to be referred on to the organisers in your area.