Home Office training highlights asylum seeker support

Earlier this week we visited at the Home Office in Glasgow to talk to staff about HIV and hepatitis C awareness.

The information and education session was targeted at Asylum Decision Makers, people who interview newly arrived asylum seekers in Glasgow about the persecution they have faced in their country, and why they have come to the UK to ask for protection.

Through the work of our African Health Project, we have been supporting an increasing number of asylum seekers who are living with HIV.

This work has highlighted a number of challenges, particularly housing and homelessness, which have had a damaging impact on the mental and physical health of service users and hampered their ability to manage their HIV.

During the training, we were able increase staff awareness of HIV and hepatitis C and how these conditions might affect people who are seeking asylum. In particular, we wanted to highlight how staff can discuss issues around HIV in a way that was supportive and non-stigmatising, and how they can put people in touch with Waverley Care for support.

We’re pleased that the local Home Office team were open to taking part in training, and we will continue to work with them to highlight the specific needs of asylum seekers living with or affected by HIV or hepatitis C.