International HIV Partners – Turkey

We’re just back from Turkey after building international links through our Self Management Programme.

In October visitors from Turkey were here at our Edinburgh offices with funding from International HIV Partnerships (IHIVP) to learn about our Self Management Programme. Two of our Self Management team, Amy Solon and Moira Washington followed this up with a trip to Turkey last week to see how our visitors were getting on with implementing the course at home in Turkey.

The aim of our Self Management Programme is to equip people with the skills to manage living with a long-term condition and the much needed guidance on how to cope with treatment.

After facilitating a programme session in Turkey, feedback forms from EGEHAUM staff included an array of positive comments such as: ‘We need to learn a lot from Waverley Care’s experience around how we can approach newly diagnosed people and the words we can use with them’

Amy and Moira also facilitated a ‘conversation cafe’ in Izmir. Patients were invited along to find out whether or not they would be interested in Self Management workshops and if so, what kind of topics they would like to explore.

The session was very successful and it was apparent that there was a real need and desire to set up a group where patients could meet in order to ask questions and share experiences.

One of the participants said: ‘It gave me the opportunity to talk, meet and share with people with the same condition as me. I once again realised that we are not alone’