Latest phase of Caring Conversations launched

This week, we officially unveiled the latest phase of Caring Conversations – our free online-learning resource for healthcare staff.

Building on the success of the original resource, which was launched 18 months ago and targeted staff in GP practices, the latest version widens the audience to include staff working in secondary care settings such as hospitals.

Through our work with healthcare professionals, it has always been clear that when patients have positive interactions with staff, it has a beneficial impact on their physical, emotional and mental health.

Caring Conversations therefore focuses on interactions between staff and patients, encouraging staff to think about how the conversations they have can leave patients feeling heard and better supported. These kind of conversations are at the heart of person-centred care, an approach to healthcare where the patient is treated as an equal partner in the planning and delivery of support.

Throughout the resource, we use real life stories of people living with HIV, including examples where individuals have felt stigmatised by their healthcare experience. There are also examples from staff, highlighting the benefits they’ve seen as a result of putting caring conversations into practice.

While the examples focus on HIV, the learning is equally relevant to people living with any long-term conditions.

We are eager to spread the word about the resource to encourage people to get involved. If you work in primary or secondary care, visit to get started.