Launch of the Penrose Inquiry

Today saw the launch of the results of the Penrose Inquiry.

The inquiry, led by Lord Penrose, was launched by the Scottish Government in 2008. It looked into how patients were infected with Hepatitis C and HIV through blood transfusions and other procedures carried out at NHS hospitals from 1974 onwards.

There was much surprise and disappointment that only one recommendation came out of the report which was that steps should be taken to offer blood tests to anyone in Scotland who had a blood transfusion before 1991 and who has not already been tested for Hepatitis C.

In response to the report UK Prime Minister David Cameron apologised on behalf of the UK Government and Scotland’s Health Secretary Shona Robison apologised on behalf of the NHS and Government in Scotland to all patients and families affected by infected NHS blood and blood products in Scotland. In response to Lord Penrose’s recommendation Ms Robison also said that she would ensure steps are taken to find anyone who may not have yet been tested for Hepatitis C but may have been affected by infected blood.

Ms Robison also confirmed that the Scottish Government will carry out the following measures:

The full report is available to read online and you can also read the Scottish Government’s Response.

Haemophilia Scotland have also published a response representing some of the views of patients and their families who are affected by infected blood.