Volunteers answer DIY SOS

Earlier this month, volunteers from Lloyds Banking Group answered our DIY SOS, to make a huge difference to a family we work with.

The group of 12 volunteers took two days out of work to redecorate the home of a father and son, helping at a time when the family is struggling to make ends meet and keep on top of maintenance.

Dad has been a single parent for over a decade, raising his son who is living with HIV. They first came to Waverley Care seven years ago, shortly after dad had to give up work due to chronic fatigue. In recent years, he has twice faced life threatening illness. The stress caused by his own poor health, along with the worry of supporting his son and managing financial pressures, has taken its toll on dad’s physical and emotional health.

Earlier this year, the family came to the difficult conclusion that they could no longer manage in their home. Dad’s health has left him struggling to stay on top of maintenance while financial pressures have affected their ability to make mortgage payments.

Through our Children and Families project, we are helping the family to access financial support and supporting them to apply for social housing. Moving to a secure, accessible property, maintained by a housing association would make a huge difference to their quality of life.

With the maintenance of the house still a worry for the family, we approached Lloyds Banking Group to see if staff would be willing to lend a hand and we’re delighted that volunteers stepped forward. The transformation in the house has been incredible and the family have been bowled over by the kindness, support and respect the volunteers showed.

Lloyds’ involvement in this project is particularly appropriate as they are the Principal Partner of BBC Children in Need – which funds our Children & Families project. We are incredibly grateful to the volunteers involved for their support and for the huge difference they have made to this family’s life.