Ministerial meeting marks first year of prison project

We met up with Public Health Minister, Aileen Campbell, at Scotland’s largest prison this week to mark the first anniversary of our Prison Link Project.

The pilot project, funded by AbbVie, works with prisoners in Barlinnie who are living with hepatitis C and nearing the end of their sentence – helping them to access support upon release and plan for life back in the community.

During the first year, the project has worked with 45 people, supporting them at every stage of their hepatitis C journey, from getting diagnosed to accessing treatment that can cure the condition.

An estimated 1 in 5 prisoners in Scotland are thought to be living with hepatitis C, compared to 1 in 150 among the general population.

The Scottish Government has identified hepatitis C testing in prisons as a priority for tackling the condition and, during the visit, the Minister found out how our project is complementing this ambition.

To mark the anniversary of the project, we’ve put together this short review of the year, including case studies and facts and figures so you can find out more.