New HIV treatment approved for use

A new HIV treatment, with benefits for people maintaining good health as they grow older with the condition, has this week been accepted for use within the NHS in Scotland.

The decision on the drug, Genoyva was made by the Scottish Medicines Consortium, the body responsible for assessing and recommending newly licensed medicines for use.

This is a welcome decision which follows a submission from Waverley Care supporting the use of the drug, based upon the experiences of our service users.

Thanks largely to the effectiveness of existing treatments, around a third of people living with HIV in Scotland are aged 50 or over.  However, there is increasing evidence to suggest that as people grow older living with HIV they are more susceptible to chronic health conditions such as heart attacks, kidney disease and bone fractures.

In discussion with older service users, we heard examples where peoples’ quality of life had been significantly impacted by such conditions.

In tests, Genoyva has compared well to existing treatments in relation to impact on cholesterol levels. kidney function and bone density.  There is therefore considerable potential to improve the long-term health of older people living with HIV.

With the SMC decision now public, we will be working with service users who may benefit from this new treatment to access support through the NHS.