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30th Anniversary Congratulations from Edinburgh

Earlier this week, we were delighted to receive a congratulatory letter from Edinburgh City Council and the people of Edinburgh, marking our 30th anniversary.

The letter stated as follows:

Waverley Care – 30 Year Anniversary 

Dear Ian,

At the meeting of the City of Edinburgh Council on 14 March 2019, a Motion was agreed, which; (i) noted the continuing operation of Waverley Care in the capital over the last thirty years, and (ii) welcomed the range of interventions that the charity has undertaken in delivering positive change for those experiencing HIV and Hepatitis C.

The Council also asked that I write on their behalf, and on the behalf of the citizens of Edinburgh, to offer the City’s sincerest congratulations to all of those involved over the last 30 years, in:

  • Sensitively providing discrete support to an acutely vulnerable group;
  • Moderating services as medical advances have progressed;
  • Growing to become Scotland’s leading national resource for those experiencing HIV and Hepatitis C; and
  • your increasing outreach work with the African community.

Observing the development of the charity over the last 30 years, since those early services involving Milestone House, and subsequent maturity and flexibility of the service to best assist service users, has been truly inspirational, and is, I think a real exemplar of how service providers can best move towards a preventative model of delivery.

I would greatly appreciate you forwarding both my thanks and congratulations to your fellow trustees, patrons, supporters, staff, volunteers and service users, who have all contributed their time and efforts in supporting Waverley Care to continue to be at the forefront of support to those experiencing HIV and Hepatitis across Scotland.

I look forward to hearing of the continuing developments of the charity as it progresses to a half-century of operation.

Yours sincerely

Frank Ross

Lord Provost

We want to thank Edinburgh City Council and the people of Edinburgh for your continued support. With your support, we can continue making a positive difference in the lives of people living with HIV and hepatitis C across Scotland.

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