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Call for Health and Social Care Practitioners

We are looking for practitioners who work in substance use/drug services, or who work with people who inject substances in wider health and social care services, within Greater Glasgow and Clyde to take part in our project exploring the sexual health needs of people who inject substances.

‘If it’s not there for you, you’re not going to go looking for it’  

Waverley Care are currently recruiting health and social care practitioners working with people who inject substances to take part in a project exploring the provision of sexual health services for this population. This is the second phase of this project and the preliminary findings of the first stage of research are available here.  

The findings will contribute to our understanding of the barriers and facilitators to integrating sexual health into substance use/drug services and will be used to develop a guide for practitioners on providing sexual health information, advice and support. 

We are looking to interview health and social care workers in Greater Glasgow and Clyde who work directly with people who inject substances.  

  • The interview will last no longer than an hour and will take place online.  
  • Participants will be anonymised, and will not be identifiable in any of the information we produce from the research.  

You do not need to have provided sexual health information, advice and support to take part in this study.  

If you would like to find out more about the project, or express interest in participating, please email Kristin Hay, Research Officer, at  

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