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Migration and Social Inclusion in Scotland and Europe at GCU

At the beginning of February, Margaret Lance, Support and Outreach Coordinator with Waverley Care’s African Health Project, spoke at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) for their Migration and Social Inclusion in Scotland and Europe event.

Margaret joined GCU to talk about how different organisations work to address issues around immigration while highlighting the work of our African health Project in responding to the needs of people living with HIV, with particular focus on the needs of asylum seekers and refugees. Margaret also spoke about how we can respond to other underlying issues through working together to establish referral pathways that meet people’s more complex needs. With a number of other partner organisations present including Maryhill Integration Network and Red Cross Scotland, the event was an opportunity to network and build new partnerships expanding our work.

Through participating in events such as this at GCU, Margaret was able to inform people about the services and support provided by Waverley Care including the expertise brought to our work through our African Health Project. Attendees of the event are now more informed about what it means to be living with HIV in Scotland when someone is an asylum seeker or refugee, including the challenges entailed in navigating the immigration system.

The event also allowed us to share knowledge about HIV and the benefits of testing and support while increasing awareness of the issues people living with HIV face more generally.

We are grateful to GCU for inviting us along to the event and are delighted to have found new opportunities for partnership working and strengthening referral pathways, therefore providing people accessing our services with the support they need.

In Waverley Care’s 30th year, we are continuing to challenge stigma through awareness raising activities, with the aim of building hope for a better future where the voices of people living with HIV are heard and taken into consideration when forming migration and social inclusion policies in Scotland and beyond.


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