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Proud to team up with Xtinct Clothing

When lockdown turned our worlds upside down, Derek Sawyer decided it was time to follow his dream. He set up Xtinct Clothing, with the focus on ethical fashion and sustainability. Now he's turning that passion to supporting Waverley Care.

Derek had been working in education for years, after graduating with a degree in Textile Design from the Glasgow School of Art. He'd picked up odd pieces of freelance design work here and there, but always had a dream to start his own business.

Lockdown was the push he needed to kickstart Xtinct Clothing - a brand that aims to set itself against the world of disposable, fast fashion. 

'Fashion isn't free. Someone, somwhere is paying.' Derek told us when we caught up with him recently, 'My mission is to make clothing that lasts longer, avoiding the unnecessary need to constantly replace things and minimising the effects on the planet'

The ethos at the business is to work in a way that doesn't harm people, animals or the environment, with a focus on organic and recycled materials in products and packaging, and vegan certification.

The tie in with Waverley Care came about through Derek's career, working in the education sector. That brought him into contact with our Wave project, which delivers sexual health and relationships education in schools across the Highlands, and he was keen to support our work challenging stigma and promoting good sexual health.

That led to the development of the Proud Collection, featuring a rainbow variant of the brand's Panda face logo to show solidarity with Scotland's LGBTI+ communities.

Derek has pledged to donate 10% of each sale from the Proud collection to Waverley Care, which will not only support our work, but also a new, ethically minded Scottish business.

We're really proud to be teaming up with Derek and Xtinct in this way. You can buy the Proud t-shirt from his website here and show your support for Waverley Care at the same time.

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