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Statement from Waverley Care

Statement from Waverley Care

It has come to our attention that Unison has posted completely inaccurate information about Waverley Care on social media. The board and senior management of Waverley Care strongly refute all the allegations made by Unison. These are false and completely at odds with the values that drive everything we do.  

Waverley Care, like most charities, is currently working to mitigate the financial impact of Coronavirus, which for us means a fundraising shortfall of at least £300k. Contrary to what Unison state, we do not have above average reserves and need to make savings. 

The charity is safeguarding frontline services and jobs as possible with reductions in only two front line roles across a charity of over 60 staff. The remaining four job losses are in head office and fundraising roles not service delivery roles, and we are avoiding compulsory redundancies where possible. We are reducing our management team not expanding it as suggested. 

We are proud of the services we provide to a diverse range of service users and we are committed to ensuring that all individuals and communities continue to receive the highest quality of care possible from the charity. We believe that the organisational changes we are making will result in zero impact on our service users which is our priority. 

We have demonstrated a commitment to working with Unison since signing a voluntary recognition agreement with them in 2016. We have worked hard to ensure open and constructive channels of communication with them. Despite the charity giving Unison numerous opportunities to present proposals to address the financial challenges, they have failed to provide any real solutions.  

While we would rather avoid any job losses, we need to make these changes to ensure the long-term sustainability of the charity. 

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