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The Big Give - Children and Young People Affected by HIV and Hepatitis C

Children and young people living with or affected by HIV and Hepatitis C can face many challenges which can be made worse by the stigma linked to the conditions. We want your help to fund one year of peer support groups for our amazing children and young people.

About The Big Give:

The Big Give Christmas Challenge will take place from noon on Tuesday 3rd December to noon on Tuesday 10th December, during which time your donation to our children and young people support groups via The Big Give website will be doubled. One donation, twice the impact.

Why we need your support with The Big Give:

The children and young people we support are either HIV positive themselves or living in families affected by HIV or hepatitis C. That means they can experience lots of challenges in life related to the conditions - from low self-esteem, and more things to think about while they navigate school, to lack of understanding from their peers and social isolation. HIV and hepatitis C are stigmatised conditions, and our children and young people are fearful of judgement and rejection by their peers because of the stigma. Many of our young people live a life of secrecy and are not able to be their authentic selves. That's why we want to create a kinder, fairer Scotland for children and young people affected by HIV and hepatitis C. biggive 1.jpg

"It's not just about teaching those who don't have HIV not to be afraid of us. It's about teaching those with the HIV that we are worthy. I don't want anyone else to cry themselves to sleep at night because they feel dirty, diseased, unimportant, dangerous or unlovable. Because that is not true." (Steph, Poz Youth Group)

Why your support matters:

By coming to our peer support groups, each of the children and young people we support have the chance to meet others like them, in a safe environment where they can build confidence, resilience and make new friends. Through the support groups, our staff work with individual children and young people, helping them understand and overcome the issues and challenges they experience, which are often associated with difficult home circumstances.

Your support with The Big Give means we can continue making sure children and young people affected by HIV and hepatitis C have a safe space, made just for them. 

"By attending the group I’d say I've grown in confidence, and now accept who I am. Through the group I’ve met lots of people and I realised that everyone finds their own way to cope. I don’t want HIV to be a burden." (Jacob, Poz Youth Group)

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The numbers:

Your donation with The Big Give will directly fund our support for children and young people affected by HIV and hepatitis C, including:

  • £500 – Travel expenses for staff
  • £1,000 – Travel expenses for young people
  • £4,000 – 2 x week long residential trips
  • £3,672 – Activity costs and overheads
  • £1,100 – 20 hrs for sessional artist to work with group
  • £1,200 – 80 hrs for sessional support worker to help run group
  • £12,528 – 78 days staff time to run groups and residentials

What next?

If you want to make sure children and young people affected by HIV and hepatitis C continue to have dedicated support, helping them experience a kinder, fairer Scotland free from stigma, you can donate to directly fund our services through The Big Give website here.

Thank you for your support. 

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