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Waverley Care's Brand Launch

CEO Grant Sugden announces the launch of Waverley Care's new and refreshed brand.

Today, Waverley Care launches its new refreshed brand, positively communicating the charity's purpose and vision for the years ahead.

I recently attended the inaugural Fast Track Cities Conference in London. This global conference brought together delegates from all across the world who are working to achieve or surpass the UNAIDS 90:90:90 goals in their cities. As a member of the Glasgow Leadership board, I was proud to share the work we are doing in Glasgow to address HIV, particularly with people who inject drugs.

While the conference focused on HIV, one of my takeaways was the need for charities to find a new narrative about HIVhepatitis C, and sexual health more broadly for the years ahead – one that celebrates the progress we have made but also strongly says there is still much to do. In Scotland we’ve seen great advances – PrEP, U=U, announcements about zero HIV and eliminating hepatitis C. At the same time, the serious outbreak of HIV amongst people who inject drugs in Glasgow is a stark reminder that much more needs to be done, and falling rates of condom use highlights why Scotland must not become complacent in sexual health education and support

This conference takeaway reinforced for me that this is the right time for Waverley Care to reflect on how far we have come, and where we need to go. Our new strapline – positive about HIV, Hep C and sexual health in Scotland – says to everyone loud and clear what we do and our website’s focus on ‘smashing stigma’ highlights that this is still one of our greatest challenges in ending HIV, hepatitis C, and poor sexual health.

At the same time, PrEP, U=U and the rise in STIs have underlined why Waverley Care needs to provide more information to all communities about sexual health. We’ve worked so hard over the years to empower communities to make informed choices about their health and well-being and I really think our new website takes this a few steps further, making sure the information we provide is accessible to all while bringing us well into the digital age!

I hope our new brand and the fantastic website we’ve produced says to Scotland that Waverley Care is confident about the future and the part we can play in creating a better Scotland for everyone. We’re here to work with patients, communities, the health service, and others to develop a Scotland that’s smashing stigma and that’s positive about HIVHep C and sexual health. These are our key messages and please join us in supporting us to achieve our aspirations in whatever way you can. We love our new website so please do check it out at and let us know what you think.

Grant Sugden, CEO


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