NHS Lanarkshire patients notified about Hepatitis C risk

Waverley Care welcomes the patient notification exercise launched today by NHS Lanarkshire following the announcement that a healthcare worker has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Patients who may have been treated by the former healthcare worker have been asked to come forward for testing.

NHS Lanarkshire is working with other health boards, and health agencies in other parts of the UK, to notify patients who have had a surgical procedure carried out by the healthcare worker concerned between 1982 and January 2008.

Although two patients have been found to have contracted the virus from the healthcare worker, NHS Lanarkshire have assured people that the risk of other patients having been infected is low.

Grant Sugden, Chief Executive of Waverley Care said “We agree that the risk to patients treated by the healthcare worker in question is low but we would encourage people who receive a letter to get tested to check their Hepatitis C status.”

He added “If anyone is diagnosed they should be assured that Hepatitis C treatments are very effective and we are seeing more and more people being cured of the virus.”

NHS Lanarkshire have issued clear information about Hepatitis C in their question and answer sheet to patients and provided a helpline number for people to call if they have concerns.

If people are affected and wish to ask questions or seek support from someone other than NHS Lanarkshire, they can contact Waverley Care. 

Read the full statement from NHS Lanarkshire.