Report highlights women’s group benefits

We recently welcomed Kelly Frisby, a student from Edinburgh University’s Public Health Unit to research the experiences of women involved in our Edinburgh Women’s Group.

The Isis Group, named after the Egyptian goddess,  is a peer support group for women living with HIV or Hepatitis C. The group helps women to meet others, share experiences and build confidence, encouraging them to express themselves through a variety of creative arts projects.

Through a mix of group observation, one-to-one interviews and focus groups Kelly has produced a report providing feedback on the group.

The report identified a number of key themes affecting the lives of the women involved in the group.  Stigma dominated many of the discussions the women had, along with an associated fear of disclosing their status, experiences of social isolation and the impact this has had on self-esteem. However, the report found that the group was effectively helping to tackle these issues with members praising the welcoming approach and positive benefits of creative arts therapy. The report also made some interesting recommendations for improvement which we are currently looking into.

Isis is one of a broad range of groups and services we offer to provide support to people living with  HIV or Hepatitis C. We always put service users at the heart of what we do and research projects like this are a helpful way for us to make sure we are meeting people’s needs.