Services set out commitment to gay and bisexual men

Across Scotland, gay and bisexual men face health inequalities that affect their physical, mental and sexual health.

Along with other service providers, we recently developed and adopted a shared set of commitments to ensure that support services meet the specific needs of gay and bisexual men.

Our Promise sets out our commitment to provide support services that are welcoming and inclusive, and which value the views and opinions of the people we work with. The approach has been adopted by organisations including NHS Lothian, LGBT Health and our SX gay and bisexual men’s project.

The need to create more community focused services is clear. Last year, almost half of all new HIV diagnoses in Scotland were among gay and bisexual men, despite the fact that they make up only around 1% of the population.

Research suggests that around half of men newly diagnosed with HIV had never engaged with sexual health services and that younger people were far less likely to seek support. Discrimination based on sexuality remains a significant issue for many men, and there are also health inequalities around issues such as alcohol and drug use, and mental health.

In setting out our promise to gay and bisexual men, we want encourage more men to come forward to access support so that we can begin to challenge the health inequalities they face.

You can read Our Promise here.