Sunshine and Spacehoppers for Pleasance Partnership Celebration

Edinburgh’s Calton Hill is famous for its panoramic views of the city, but visitors this week were treated to an altogether different sight.

On a sunny Monday morning, we joined with staff and performers from the Pleasance to race spacehoppers in front of the National Monument of Scotland.

The stunt was organised to help us celebrate our 25th Fringe in partnership with the Pleasance and there was some great photos in this morning’s papers.

Since our first Fringe together in 1992, our relationship with the Pleasance has raised an amazing £375,000 in support of our work while also helping us to raise awareness of HIV and Hepatitis C. Collections are well underway for this year and we’re hopeful it will be a record year. You can find out more about the relationship here.

A huge thank you to the performers who gave up their time to come and take part, particularly those who endured the heat while in full stage costume!