#KnowYourRisk – Testing Week Scotland: 11-17 Sept 2017

With efforts to reduce the number of new HIV, hepatitis C and sexually transmitted infections focused on encouraging people who are at the greatest risk to get tested, we’ve joined a new campaign asking people to #KnowYourRisk

Testing Week Scotland, which begins today, is raising awareness of the different ways that these infections can be passed on, so that people can judge whether they have been at risk. It aims to send the message that once you #KnowYourRisk, you can do something about it by accessing testing.

The campaign promotes the range of testing options now available – from sexual health clinics and GPs to community services and HIV home test kits – and provides information on each to help people find the test that’s right for them.

It is also reminding people of the effective treatments that are now available should they test positive for an infection. Today in Scotland, a person living with HIV can live a long, healthy life, hepatitis C can be cured, and effective treatments are also available for a whole range of STIs.

By encouraging people to #KnowYourRisk and take action, the campaign is also highlighting the role that testing can play in preventing new infections. An estimated 13% of people living with HIV and 40% with hepatitis C remain undiagnosed. Reducing the number of people who are undiagnosed will not only lead to better health outcomes for those concerned, but will also reduce the risk that someone could pass on an infection unknowingly.

To find out more about the campaign, visit www.KnowYourRisk.scot. You can also add your support by adding the Testing Week Scotland Twibbon to your social media profiles and by sharing #KnowYourRisk and #TestWeekScot tweets.