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Virtual Bucket Shakes

Bucket shaking has always been a huge part of Waverley Care's fundraising, from the bright lights of theatre to the cold and breezy street collections. Although we're not currently able to collect donations in person, we'd love you to shake a virtual bucket with us!

We've missed out on hundreds of shows and collections since the start of the Covid pandemic and have seen a huge loss in donations. For the first time in 30 years, our buckets and tartan ribbons remained in storage for both the 2020 and 2021 Fringe. 

We haven't stopped fundraising though and we're asking you to shake a virtual bucket with us instead!

Creating a virtual bucket shake is a really easy way to support Waverley Care. Whether you're a seasoned bucket shaker, or new to fundraising, your support will enable our key workers to continue being there for people who need support with HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health - especially those who have been particularly vulnerable or isolated. 

To get started, create your online fundraising page with either:

Include why you're fundraising - here's two examples:

  • "Each year Waverley Care raises over £60,000 from bucket shaking at theatres, festivals and events. I'd normally be volunteering, but you can donate to my virtual bucket shake instead!"
  • "Throughout lockdown, Waverley Care's key workers delivered HIV medication, ensured HIV positive mothers had access to baby formula, and provided online and phone support to people affected by HIV and Hepatitis C throughout Scotland. Help me raise funds for this important work by donating to my virtual bucket shake!"

Friends and family can donate whatever they can afford, and you can download our images below to promote your fundraising. It only takes a few minutes to get set-up and we're here to support you with every shake!  

Post about your virtual collection on social media as soon as you create your page, and then share regular updates about how much you’ve raised. Facebook and Virgin Money Giving will collect all your donations securely online and send the money straight to us.

Find out more

If you'd like to speak to us about creating a virtual bucket shake, or other fundraising ideas, contact Holly or Matt at

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