Advice and Information

Our Advice and Information Service is there for you, whether you are living with or affected by HIV or Hepatitis C. We provide a range of information to help you take control of life. Topics we support people with include finances and debt, benefits (including PIP), employment and training, housing, immigration and HIV and Hepatitis C treatment information.

Your question, or the issue you need help with, may be quite simple. Or, you may be struggling with a number of concerns or problems. You may want helping setting up a bank account, want to appeal a benefits decisions or want to know where to find information on a new medication you are being prescribed. Whatever the topic, we will work with you to find an answer or a solution.

Some benefits of using the Advice and Information Service include:

  • being more informed about HIV or Hepatitis C and medications
  • knowing more about your entitlements to welfare benefits
  • being better able to manage your money
  • finding a home that you feel safe and secure in
  • enrolling in an education course
  • feeling relaxed and relieved of stress in turn improving your physical and mental health.


Argyll & Bute: Katrina Mitchell or Amanda Scott
Edinburgh and the Lothians: Community Projects Team
Fife: Tam Armstrong or Emer Gutmann
Forth Valley: Bibiana Ama Zirra
Greater Glasgow and Clyde: Community Projects Team
Highland: Tine Butterworth

HIV & Hepatitis C support worker offering advice and information.