African Health Project – Community Awareness & Prevention

Our African Health Project works with African communities across Scotland to improve health and wellbeing. An important part of our work is raising awareness of HIV and reducing transmission of the virus by providing information, offering testing and providing support to those affected.

We do this by working closely with African community groups, organisations, businesses, faith groups (such as churches and mosques), and African country associations to discuss HIV and promote sexual health.

We offer talks and training workshops looking at HIV prevention to adults, young people and health care professionals. We also offer HIV and Hepatitis testing, in community settings and within our premises.

We are involved in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s free condom scheme and provide condoms in community settings, such as barber shops, hair salons African restaurants and grocers.

Our Voice of Hope choir is an important part of our community outreach work. By singing at community events, especially in churches, the choir delivers positive messages about HIV through uplifting music and song.

Through this work we encourage people to know their HIV status and to have a healthy sex life whatever the outcome of a test.

We know that stigma is one of the biggest barriers to taking an HIV test or asking for support, and we know that community awareness will best challenge this. If you want to play a part in helping to change attitudes and overcome HIV stigma, and in doing so helping to support members of your community, then please get in touch with us.


Edinburgh & the Lothians:  Jonathan Ssentamu
Greater Glasgow & Clyde:  Claire KofmanMargaret Lance or Mariegold Akomode
Forth Valley: Bibiana Zirra
Lanarkshire:  Nathan Mwesigwa 
National: Mildred Zimunya
Faith and Health (National): Swang Shallangwa