African Health Project – One-to-One & Group Support

Living with HIV can be challenging enough, but combine that with living in a foreign culture, navigating the immigration system and not having enough money, and it’s easy to see how life can feel overwhelming. For over a decade, our African Health Project has worked with Africans living with HIV in Scotland in one-to-one and group settings to bring more stability into people’s lives.

We know that many issues can impact on the lives of people living with HIV – isolation, poverty, poor self-image and physical health, difficult family relationships and dealing with stigma and discrimination. The African Health Project helps people to work through and overcome these, and other issues.

The African Health Project provides a home away from home, a family, a friend, a confidant and a place of safety. In the groups, people meet others living with HIV and can speak to someone who understands and can say ‘me too’.

The service is open to all Africans living in Scotland and we also have a dedicated support for individuals from the Horn of Africa.

You can experience many benefits from working with us, including:

  • Feeling less isolated
  • Developing your community links
  • Improving your self-esteem
  • Understanding HIV, and HIV treatment
  • Exploring if and how to tell people about your HIV
  • Improving your physical health
  • Improving your financial situation
  • Thinking positively about life and your future.

We can also support members of your family, including your children.


Edinburgh & Lothians: Swang Shallangwa or Jonathan Ssentamu
Greater Glasgow & Clyde: Margaret Lance,  Mariegold Akomode or  Sanaa Alsabag
Forth Valley: Bibiana Zirra
Lanarkshire: Nathan Mwesigwa