If you are living with HIV or Hepatitis C and experiencing loneliness or isolation the befriending service can introduce you to someone new who you can spend time and share experiences with.

We aim to match you with a trained volunteer befriender – often someone with similar interest who will support you without judgement and in a friendly and understanding way.

You may want to have a chat at home with your befriender, go out to a café, watch a film or have your them accompany you to a medical appointment. It’s up to you.

Our Befriending Service has years of experience in bringing people together to form positive relationships that reduce isolation and improve lives.

The benefits of having a befriender often include:

  • rediscovering old hobbies or interests or trying new ones
  • meeting new people and getting more involved in your local community
  • improved relationships with family and professional contacts
  • increased confidence and self-esteem.

Contact Details:

Edinburgh & Lothian:  Robert Pollock
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