Group Support

At Waverley Care, we encourage people to learn from one another, share experiences and enjoy spending time together in groups.

These groups are offered in a safe, confidential and supportive way.  They cater for a wide range of interests and take many forms.  Physical activity groups include walking and yoga, and skills based groups include workshops on disclosing your HIV or Hepatitis C, healthy eating, managing on a budget and assertiveness.

We also offer opportunities for people to gather socially, which may include visiting a museum, being part of a choir, or going to the theatre.

Some of our groups are specific to gender, ethnicity, sexuality or are for certain ages.  But all aim to build skills, confidence and help foster a sense of community and wellbeing from the mutual support participants both offer and receive.

Different groups are available in different areas but you can search our Groups, Events & Training section to find out more about the types of groups  we offer.  Or, contact your local Waverley Care office.