People Affected by Drug Use

We recognise that many of the people we work with currently use drugs or have used drugs in the past.

Intravenous drug use is the main route of Hepatitis C infection in Scotland so if you are worried about being infected with Hepatitis C or HIV, we offer free, confidential testing, alongside information advice about other testing options such as clinics. We can also provide you with information about how you can stay safe and avoid Hepatitis C and HIV infection.

We appreciate that your relationship with drugs may be a very difficult one and can affect your quality of life and ability to make good decisions.  If you are living with Hepatitis C or HIV and are using drugs, it may make it difficult for you to regularly take your medication; if your drug use is chaotic, it may stop you from starting on Hepatitis C treatment.

We can work with you to help stabilise your drug use through prescribed medication and help you to access recovery and detox services.  We can also link you with other people who have recovered from drug addiction who can provide peer support.  Our services can help you find healthy coping strategies to deal with difficult situations and help you live well with HIV or Hepatitis C.

We have also supported many people to start and complete their Hepatitis C treatment and live a life free from Hepatitis C.


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