Karen Docwra

Role: Senior Fundraiser

Location: National

Karen is our Senior Fundraiser.  One of the charity’s longest serving members of staff, she has been with Waverley Care since 1991.

You have been with Waverley Care since 1991, two years after the charity was established. What has been your motivation for continuing to work here?

To fundraise effectively you have to be passionate about the cause you work for and I’ve never lost that passion.  I see the profound impact that Waverley Care has on people’s lives and that’s my primary motivator.  HIV and Hep C stigma makes us a difficult cause, so perhaps I like a challenge too!  It means that every donation into our office is meaningful and a cause for celebration – and I love that.

What is your typical week like at Waverley Care?

I’m still waiting for a typical week!  Variety is what also makes my job so great.  My week can consist of writing funding applications, liaising with conductors and soloists for our ‘come and sing’ events, planning for our Festival activities, bucket shaking at a show, having coffee with a supporter, meeting with colleagues, and lots of forward planning!

Do you have any special memories from the fundraising events you have held?

I’ve got a whole store of memories, most of them relating to the amazing individuals and organisations that support us.   I also love that we can be involved in creating art.  For example, the carol competition we organised for our 21st birthday saw the creation of 129 new pieces of music, two of which were published by Oxford University Press and four of which have been recorded.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love singing and being part of the Edinburgh choir Cadenza certainly keeps me on my toes. We sing a huge variety of music – everything from Dvorak to Gershwin to John Rutter.  I’m also really enjoying going along to the theatre more frequently now my kids are older, largely prompted by my daughter’s passion for all things musical theatre.  I love watching young people performing, too.

What is your favourite food and drink?

I’m half Icelandic so I love really fresh fish, simply cooked, and I like nothing better than a glass of chilled white wine (I love a Sancerre on special occasions!).

Who inspires you?

I’ve always found Richard Holloway inspirational.  His words have often seemed to speak to me over the years.   I’m also a big fan of Snoopy. I’m surrounded by a lot of people at work who inspire me too, particularly amongst our volunteers.  We’ve got some unbelievably committed and passionate people involved, which speaks volumes about us as a charity – another reason that I’ve stayed as long as I have!

To fundraise effectively you have to be passionate about the cause you work for and I’ve never lost that passion.