Women’s Group art goes on display

A new exhibition, featuring images and writing from our Edinburgh women’s group, has gone on display at Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh.

Identity Crisis: The Modern Venus questions idealised images of women and explores the lasting impact these have on body image, medical treatment and society.

As part of the project, our women’s group has worked with a researcher from the University of St Andrews to share their experiences with healthcare providers and think about how that can be expressed through art.

Over the years we’ve worked with many women who’ve told us about the anxiety they experience due to the stigma that surrounds HIV and Hepatitis C. Common themes emerge like the impact on relationships, the chances of starting a family and protecting children from being bullied at school.

Body image is another prominent issue, with some HIV medications affecting body shape and adding to the pressure that women generally feel to conform to society’s image of the ‘ideal’ body.

Through our support services, we work alongside women to help them take control and realise that their status isn’t a barrier to a healthy, happy life.

Our women’s support group offers a safe space for women to speak frankly about their experiences with others who know what they’re going through. It also offers an opportunity to socialise and share practical hints and tips to help with day-to-day challenges.

Identity Crisis is the latest arts project the group has been involved in. These opportunities are popular as a way to help members of the group express themselves and share their experiences in creative and positive ways.

The exhibition is on display at People Know How on the first floor of Ocean Terminal until 28 October and you can find out more from the project’s website.